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Aluminum die casting factory


 Loated in Changzhou city of Jiangsu province

 Main equipment includes a series of die casting machines from 25T, 125T, 160T to 400T

 Factory area covers 3000 square meters

 Over 50 employees

 Capabilities cover fabrication of aluminum and zinc die casting products that commonly used for generator, electrical machines, lamps, bearing, door locks and other equipment, and further processing capabilities including machining and surface finish can be available

 Monthly maximum capacity 500000 pcs






Aluminum extrusion factory


 Loated in Wuxi city of Jiangsu province

◆ Advanced equipment

4 ingot casting production lines

25 full automation extrusion machines, capacity from 600T, 800T, 1000T, 2500T to 6800T

A series of further processing machines including CNC machines, milling machines, CMM machines and welding machines

6 anodizing surface treatment production lines

 Factory area covers 60000 square meters

 Over 500 employees

 Capabilities cover product design, alloy selection, mold development, manufacturing, further fabrication and packing solutions

 Monthly maximum capacity 10000 tons







Deep drawing and stamping factory


 Loated in Cangzhou city of Hebei province

 Hydraulic press machines from 200T, 300T to 600T

   A series of electrical punching machines from 20T, 50T, 100T to 200T

   CNC machines

   Galvanization production line

   Powder coating production line


 Factory area covers 10000 square meters

 Over 80 employees

 Capabilities cover stamping, deep drawing, welding, bending, cutting, surface finish and powder coating.

 Monthly maximum capacity 50000 sets








Heat exchanger factory


 Loated in Changzhou city of Jiangsu province

 Vacuum brazing furnace

   CAB brazing furnace

   Arc welding machines

   Special punching machines for making fins

 Factory area covers 10000 square meters

 Over 120 employees

 Capabilities cover designing, vacuum brazing, CAB brazing and fabrication of heat exchangers

 Monthly maximum capacity 5000 sets

 Maximum product dimension 3800*1100*1100mm

 A new factory over 30000 square meters is building, and will be introduced in the end of 2019








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