About Metalli 

About Metalli


How to ensure your customized product get succeed

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Massive manufacturing partner network


 We have 3 invested manufacturing factories that covers heat exchanger, sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining

 Over 10 top ranked factories in China are our regular manufacturers

 Over 100 manufacturers are providing us products or fabrication services

 Our manufacturing capabilities include a wide variety of process

 Laser cutting




 Deep drawing

 Metal spinning

 CNC machining

 Aluminum die casting

 Aluminum extrusion

 Vacuum brazing

 CAB brazing

 Surface treatment

 Assembly and packing



Instant quoting capability


 Our designed quoting program and software enable us to create one quotation in minutes

 Our computerized data base stores rich and massive technical parameters, engineering parameters, testing data and other available sources, which makes our engineers refine and calculate one offer much quicker and easier but accurately.

 Available software including CAD/CAM, UG, SOLIDWORKS help our work smarter

 Most important, our quoting team consists of cross-functional engineers. Our technical engineers, designing engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers and sourcing engineers have year’s working experience in thermal industry. They work closely together to ensure your inquiry is clearly identified and one accurate and cost-effective offer is achieved




 ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS compliance certified


  First article inspection

  Incoming material inspection, and materials certified

  In process quality inspection

  Final quality inspection

  Product liability testing

  A series of testing and inspection are performed to control quality


 SPC, Lean six sigma tools, process CPK analysis

Our engineering engineers perform regular CPK analysis for some key process to analyze and verify our process is stable and variable factors are under control

Our quality engineers follow up quality concept and use SPC, Lean six sigma tools to monitor quality status and further do continuous improvement

Our certified quality management system, combining effective testing and inspection operations, and process stability analysis, quality monitor and improvement ensure delivered goods meet quality standards.



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Wir sind ein Technologieunternehmen für Wärmemanagement, das auf Metallverarbeitung basiert


Büro adresse:

No.12 Mozhou Straße, Jiangning-Bereich, Nanjing-Stadt, Jiangsu-Provinz, China


025 86136265


+8625 86136302-8100





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